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PROJECT: Juice It Raw

Juice It Raw Sienna Plantation Store
Store in Houston, TX

Launching and running Juice It Raw was one of my greatest accomplishments and lessons learned: Juice It Raw, is an all-natural healthy foods restaurant. It started off as a way to help my former wife heal her autoimmune disease, hyperthyroidism. We started creating juices and smoothies in our kitchen and it quickly found it's way to farmers markets in Houston, TX.

Arnel Soliman Juice It Raw Co-founder
Promoting a new Juice!

This product-based business taught me how to take a simple idea from kitchen to refrigerated shelves in retail outlets. Product development and marketing the products was my favorite activity running the business. You can still purchase our juices and smoothies at a popular grocery chain called, HEB.

Juice It Raw Products
Juice It Raw Products

15+ Years on The Web

Web design, enterprise content management and social & digital media marketing has always been a part of my adult life. As a former Apple Support Engineer I became obsessed with computers at an early age.

Flash Website

My first experience managing a website was back in 1996 where I put into service one of the first Apple web servers. It hosted the company website for a mom-and-pop owned Apple certified reseller. SEO did not even exist then!

A four-year detour took me away from web design and development to do more infrastructure work. Yes. You can call me a nerd! I was one.

NXO ValueLine Home
NXO ValueLine Redesign

However, in 2000, I went back to do web design and development for a William's Communictions Solutions, a large telecom company in Houston, TX for their eCommerce department. That really gave birth to my pursuit of web design (UI/UX), QA, enterprise content management (ECM), digital marketing, SEO and social media networking.