About Me

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My name is Arnel Soliman, aka Funtabulous Arnel. I am a mindset coach and I help individuals manifest the life they desire. I work with my clients to identify limiting beliefs and blocks that prevent them from manifesting the relationship, career, or experience they desire.

I work with people from around the world and love seeing the results of clients who are able to grasp the idea that everything begins with their beliefs and thoughts. My goal is to help uplift the lives of those around me and help improve the collective consciousness, so we can make this a better world full of happiness, kindness, and love.

My Story...

Has been amazing and I feel it has just begun. Unlike most, I always had the courage (or stupidity) to risk it all to become the best version of me. Like most successful people I have "failed" more than I have succeeded. However, having experienced those challenges has made me the successful person I am today. Nothing in life is a failure but an opportunity to learn. You can't have success without "failure."

Having sold my latest business venture and gained an amazing wealth of knowledge from it; I am now reflecting and working on creating an opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with other entrepreneurs. Now in alignment, I am using my natural gifts in: marketing, advertising, art, graphic design, photography, and mentoring new business owners.

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