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Arnel has over 20 years experience in Information Technology. Having started professionally as an Apple Support Engineer and Webmaster he returned to web design and development after five years of infrastructure support. In between his corporate stints he created and launched several product-based and service-based businesses where he practiced his passion for people, networking, photography, graphic design, technology, marketing and advertising. Arnel balances life by learning to play the guitar, riding his 650GT motorbike, and improving his salsa moves on the dance floor.

My Story...

Has been amazing and I feel it has just begun. Unlike most, I always had the courage (or stupidity) to risk it all to become the best version of me. Like most successful people I have "failed" more than I have succeeded. However, having experienced those challenges has made me the successful person I am today. Nothing in life is a failure but an opportunity to learn. You can't have success without "failure."

Having sold my latest business venture and gained an amazing wealth of knowledge from it; I am now reflecting and working on creating an opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with other entrepreneurs. Now in alignment, I am using my natural gifts in: marketing, advertising, art, graphic design, photography, and mentoring new business owners.

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