Coaching & Mentoring

Helping and inspiring people have always been a passion of mine. It comes naturally to me. I see the goodness and the potential in people and more often I believe in them more than they believe in themselves. This perspective gives me the gift of empathy and open-mindedness. I give credit to my upbringing and what I went through as a youth for having this gift. I saw firsthand the challenges people faced when they aspire to follow their dream. The bigger the dream or desire for an amazing adventure the bigger the challenges we face. Having gone through some major challenges in my youth I felt alone, but my Faith and positive support I received from my mother kept me from falling off the edge.  I have overcome many adversities including a “failure” in my business and marriage; losing everything I owned. However, with the support of family, very close friends, and my faith, I am now positively transformed. Highly favored and blessed I have a message and gift to share, so it is with pleasure that I share my light with others… to walk with them on their journey where the road is dark and uncertain.

Although my faith is Christian, my approach is focused on the principle of self-identification, self-awareness, self-care and positive mindset. I will guide you through identifying who you are and what limiting beliefs you are holding onto. We have many layers so the transformation is not overnight but rather a journey. Know that we are all students of life. We are all just on different paths experiencing our own awakening. The transformation can be on several levels: emotional, physical, spiritual and financial. The effects will touch your relationships, career, finances, health, and mental wellbeing.

Fitness and eating healthy have always been part of my lifestyle. The state of our being and mental health is co-dependent on the health of our body. If the body is not at ease, our mind will be busy trying to fix it. Our biological systems are connected to our brain which controls our thinking and how we feel. As a certified fitness trainer, I am a big believer in physical well-being as a means to strengthen your mental well-being. The benefits of taking care of your body are just too great not to include on your life transformation journey.

To the best of my ability, I will walk with you to becoming a better version of yourself. I will guide you through the steps and tools to help you along. However, the choice and decision are ALWAYS YOURS. You MUST DECIDE to make the change(s) required of you.

It is with great honor and blessing that you invite me to guide you through your life’s transformation. Let’s do this together!

My coaching is offered on a limited basis at this time. To reserve your spot, please choose the type of program you are interested in.