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The Best Physical Version of You

Health & Wellness Coach

What I offer is a holistic approach to being the best version of yourself physically and mentally. I will work with you to customize my program to fit where you are currently in life. Our first encounter will be for me to get to know you and assess habits, values and beliefs that are sabotaging you. We will discuss your fitness goal and expectations, so we have a clear path of where we are going. I will also assess your experience with exercising and determine what activities and diet you will need to follow to start our fitness adventure. It is important to highlight that we are all in different phases of our life so there is no plan that fits all.

Having been active all my life I have always had a passion for being active and being fit. While I haven't always been healthy in what I eat, I have always been concious and aware of what I was putting into my body. I share this with you because it is important that you know I have been where you are -- maybe not physically but mentally and that is where the work begins.

Benefits Of Exercising

  • Weight loss and maintaining healthy weight
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Boosts immune system
  • Prevents the onset of brain disease
  • Quickens response of capillaries within the muscles
  • Strengthen joints*
  • Protects cells in the brain and nerves from injury and erosion
  • Enhances nerve growth of several nerve cells which improves brain function
  • Prevents depression!
  • Build strong immune responses by increasing antibodies and immune cell responses